Mandi & Jess | Old rugged Sheds & Urban Chic

“Leave it with me.”, I said to Mandi and went on my way to a house that immediately came to mind after she requested rugged sheds and fences as part of their photo location. I knocked on the door of the owner to ask permission and was more than just a tad excited when I received their ok to use the old run down house on their property as the perfect photo location.

Mandi & Jessica contacted me as part of the ‘RainbowLove’ initiative, that our fellow photographer Nicola from Fox & Kin brought to life.

The initiative took place during the same sex marriage poll which luckily went ahead with a big fat ‘YES’. And we shouted our part of YES from the rooftops by offering free same sex couple photoshoots during that time.

Mandi & Jessica’s shoot fulfilled all my photography dreams in one day: Imagine the sweetest, most adventurous and laid back couple you know, combined with a location you wanted to shoot at for as long as you can remember. Voilà – welcome to Mandi & Jessica’s Couple Photo Shoot.

Mandi & Jessica – thanks for an awesome time together. you guys are a photographer’s delight!

Location: Tumbi Umbi & Long Jetty – Central Coast, NSW Australia