I am a Wedding and Elopement Photographer based on the Central Coast of NSW. I tell love stories through unique, authentic and uncontrived imagery.

Carmen Glenn Photography


Guten Tag!

Hi There!

From Ger to Photography

I came to Australia on a working holiday in 2005. I’m originally from Germany – and similar to many other people on a working holiday visa,
I travelled, worked, made friends, met the love of my life, got married and basically never left. Well… at least that’s the short version of how I ended up here.

Now I am a hybrid Aussie – I chuck Ueys, love Vegemite, share my backyard with red-back spiders and miss the cold winters, pine trees, and white Christmases that I grew up with.

Photography has always been an interest of mine but it wasn’t actually until 2015, that I started to pursue it as a career.

A long battle with Leukaemia taught me the priceless power of documenting moments with loved ones. And being given a second chance in life, left me with the courage to finally leave my 9-5pm office job behind, to follow my dreams instead.


On my Days off

I’m located at the Central Coast. No, not the one in the US; the one in Australia – just an hour North of Sydney.

On my rare weekends off, I love spending time with my little family (my husband, daughter and family dog). We love the beach and can be found there on most sunny days, just taking the day as it comes. It’s the everyday little things, like a coffee by the beach or a board game at home on a rainy day that I treasure most. Of course, being from Europe I also love travelling very much. But in between a hectic working week and the anticipation of my next overseas trip I just love being in the now, soaking up all the lovely little things that are free and make life worth living. I find that it is by far the best way to recharge my batteries and restore the enthusiasm that I will bring along with me on your wedding day.




Why I Love Weddings

The part I enjoy most in my work as photographer is documenting people’s connection and their love for each other. And what better place to find this than at a wedding? I feel extremely privileged to have a job that allows me to be part of a couple’s love story for one of their most important days of their lives. My heart jumps for joy when I see two hearts burst with love for each other. Trying to capture this energy and letting it shine through in a photograph is what gets me excited over and over again. Capturing a true, genuine smile, real emotions and vulnerability is what I believe pushes a photograph from ordinary to extraordinary.

I am not a fan of cheesy grins and endless poses. I am all about keeping it real – real laughs, real tears and honest connections!

And while I will spend the majority of your day as fly on the wall, catching the moments as they unfold, I will definitely ask you to set aside some time to go and venture for your portrait session. Capturing beautiful moments between just the two of you on your wedding day is something I am truly passionate about.

The magic really happens when you are adventurous and are open to finding the perfect light with me. Whether it means strolling through the fields at sunset, climbing fences to get there or jumping over puddles to reach the perfect spot.

If all of that sounds like you, then I believe we could be the perfect match! Get in touch – I’m looking forward to getting to know your personal story of love.