Micro Wedding | Jo & Ryan | Matcham

A botanical micro-wedding dream, in the heart of Matcham.

There was no reason to hire a wedding venue, as no setting could have beaten this private, botanical masterpiece, that belonged to Jo & Ryan’s family friend.

Designed by “Michael Cooke Garden Designs”, and featured in “Better Homes and Gardens”, this magnificent location left no wish unanswered. And just when you thought you had seen it all, another section of the garden would reveal itself.


Micro-weddings are the way to go.

Ryan and Jo were meant to get married in Tasmania, where they both met, while they studied medicine at the University of Hobart. But as in so many other love stories over the last two years, Covid saw their plans postponed twice. So at their third attempt at planning their day, they decided to stay local, and low-key instead.

Amongst a small number of closest friends and family members, Jo & Ryan exchanged their vows under the majestic arbor of the gardens, signed the deal with a communal shot of whiskey thereafter, and hosted the wedding reception at their family home in Matcham, five minutes down the road.

If you ask me, the day couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Not only have micro-weddings reduced the wedding industry’s carbon footprint by 93% since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, they also have completely won my heart over. Everyone seems a lot more relaxed, given that there the day and its timings are a lot more flexible, and a smaller amount of guests makes the day so much more personal.

And with the help of the NSW Central Coast’s most talented wedding vendors, the day became extra special: Salma Sabdia from The Polka Dotter brought a smile to every cake-loving guest, and ‘Alicia Johns Celebrant sealed the deal in a beautifully heartfelt and personal ceremony.