Backyard Wedding | Chloe & Yao | Bensville

Get excited, it’s raining!
Welcome to Chloe & Yao’s Central Coast Backyard Wedding extraordinaire.


Well, Alanis Morissette’s song ‘Ironic’ suggested, that rain on your wedding day is a bad thing. But let me tell you, no amount of rain in the world could have dampened Chloe & Yao’s Central Coast Backyard wedding.

Admittedly, it was sad news to hear that the outdoor wedding, which was planned in the lush paddocks of Chloe’s childhood property, as a result, had to be moved undercover. But as soon as I arrived, none of that sadness remained.

Chloe, Yao, and their families had outdone themselves in decorating the house, the garage, and the undercover veranda for the day ahead. Because stunning DIY flower arrangements and thoughtfully placed memorabilia turned their house into a Boho wedding venue dream. The double garage was converted into the reception and bar area, and the living room became filled with conversations and laughter of friends and family.


A wonderful day, that was better than planned.

The day couldn’t have been more heartfelt and relaxed if they tried. Because celebrating the day in Chloe’s childhood home, which proudly displayed all the old photos from her childhood and wedding portraits of Chloe’s parents, brought a whole extra level of meaning and significance to the day.

And with the help of the NSW Central Coast’s most talented wedding vendors, the day became extra special: Mr. Goaty Gelato brought a smile to every ice-cream-loving guest, and ‘Married by Meredith’ sealed the deal in a beautifully heartfelt and personal ceremony.

Once the sun had set, we headed outside once more to have a little extra fun in the rain. We took some beautiful, backlit portraits, with Chloe & Yao truly embracing the moment. I am sure, asking them about their wedding day today, they wouldn’t have wanted to change a single thing.