Alice & Josh | Glenworth Valley

Glenworth Valley Weddings are always super special with the spectacular ‘Running of the Horses’ at sunset. 

Over 200 horses that were out and about for trail rides during the day return back to their stables, via an open paddock.

The bride and groom get to enjoy the event from inside the paddock, standing only meters away, soaking up the thundering sound of the hooves – it’s a truly humbling experience.   

To my surprise it was Josh who was the horse lover of the two. Alice told me she once rode a horse at the beginning of their relationship; purely to impress Josh. After that she preferred to just watch from a distance.

That said, both Alice and Josh enjoy spending time in the great outdoors and have a love for the Aussie countryside. So it came at no surprise to their family and friends that they decided to celebrate their wedding in Glenworth Valley, with the ceremony location set up outside, surrounded by beautiful gum trees and beside a beautiful fresh water creek.

The rain held off all throughout the ceremony and pretty much until the exact moment, the last horse has cleared the paddock – after that, the storm clouds rolled in and made for the most amazing sunset. The overall timing could have not been more perfect.

And neither could Alice and Josh’s celebration of love on their first day together as husband and wife.